Conserving Koala Country

Conserving Koala Country

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Seeing the positives....

The last few months have been tough and it is only too easy to dwell on the negatives of the situation we have been dealing with.  However, in looking at the ‘negatives’, I’ve also realised that there are many ‘positives’….
. The passion of Earthwatchers

Earthwatch group, November 2013
I am humbled by your passion for the environment and willingness to give up your time and money to help with this research.  To my latest Earthwatchers (Doug, Pam, Deb, Lynette, Jim and Annie), you witnessed some unpleasant stuff and we shared some tears along with the laughs, but you soldiered on and helped collect some really important data.  Nine sites surveyed, daily radiotracking, eight koalas caught, seed and koala poo collected, data entered…. lots accomplished! You are truly wonderful and inspirational people.  THANK YOU!  I am glad that you each got to ‘mind’ Sally’s joey for me.
'It's a boy'. Annie with Sally's joey

. The support of Earthwatch
Kirsty, THANK YOU for helping with this latest trip.  It wasn’t an easy situation to have to deal with on your first koala trip but you were a rock for me.  Always smiling, and willing to do whatever had to be done.  I’m guessing that you might think twice about volunteering for the Aire River survey again?  Cass, THANK YOU for listening to my rants, and for waiting patiently for the revised briefing.

Kirsty didn't sit down often...

. My Bimbi Park family
I love you all (including Jak of course!), and thank you for welcoming me into your family.  Frank – I am still chuckling over our early morning koala catching during this last trip.  I’m not sure that the vet liked arriving each day to find six or so koalas already in bags for them J
Frank's pizzas are always a highlight

. DEPI staff who have come to our aid
You are working incredibly hard and I know that like the rest of us, you have found the reality of this situation difficult to deal with.  THANK YOU for caring.  You have given us hope.

. The landholders of Cape Otway

The old saying ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’ comes to mind.  You are an incredible group of people and I’m honoured to join you as a member of the ‘Save Cape Otway Alliance’.

. Our koalas
We are now down to eight koalas: Dave, Scarface, Beast, Buffy, Sally, Bella, M1187 and M1189.  I have mourned the loss of each of our collared koalas, but also smile at the memories:  Lucie was my favourite and I have a LOT of photos of her and her various joeys.  Princess was always such a little drama queen.  Cranky Frankie didn’t get his name for being sweet-natured.  He will go down in history as the most aggressive koala I’ve ever met.  I don't think he liked me much? And the list goes on and on…  It certainly has been a privilege to work with these beautiful animals.

Dave is still going strong :-)

. The future
I have about 600 little mannas growing and these will be ready to plant next autumn.  There are also numerous little seedlings growing in the control burn areas.  There is much work to be done but together, we can rebuild.



  1. Desley,

    I just read your blog and I was sad to hear that Cranky Frankie was no longer with us. The last day we tracked him (last Wednesday) he was in an odd tree over the fence from where we had seen him the day before. Annie, Jim, and I thought he was just trying to hide from us since we had captured him the day before. I totally lost it when I finally got back to Melbourne. I couldn't stop crying and I still tear up often. I'm such a baby, but I know that our furry little friends are not suffering any longer. Tell me what I can do to help ( I plan to have my students write letters). I have brought many people to tears at my school so I know they will help as well. I am not going to forget you and all the work you have done. We have just stuffed ourselves with turkey because it is Thanksgiving, but my heart is still in Australia. Good luck, and please keep me posted. Lynette

  2. Desley,

    What is the latest update? I am still having dreams about the ttrip. I hope things are better.