Conserving Koala Country

Conserving Koala Country

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Happy days ahead

This field season promises to be an exciting one with the recovery of manna gums in our main site to document, lots of sites to survey for koalas, and some short-term studies of koala breeding behaviour. Our first Earthwatch trip is only a week away with more trips planned for November and February. Earthwatch has arranged for a documentary to be made of our research so the September Earthwatchers can look forward to being film stars!

I last visited Cape Otway two weeks ago and was very happy to see trees continuing to recover. There are fewer koalas than in previous years but this is a good thing because those that are present are healthy. Our collared koalas that survived the population crash are looking good. Buffy has settled in the south of the manna gum site near Bimbi Park, and Beast and Sally are back within their old ranges. Dave has settled a bit further to the north and Bella a few km to the north of him again. Scarface dropped his collar months ago but the locals occasionally see him.
Happy days!

Photo: Not so many koalas at Cape Otway anymore but you can still find a few photo opportunities :-)
Fewer koalas in Manna Gum means that those that are there are healthy

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